Meet Alpred 👨‍🏫, Alpe’s AI based teacher assistant.
Alpred just taught a student on Alpe creative thinking. Yup, AI can teach creativity 🤯

Alpred 👨‍🏫 is based on OpenAI’s GPT3. Using prompts from our course “Inside the Box Thinking” it learned how to help students apply one of the methods for creative and innovative thinking taught in the course. It walked the student through an entire hands on application of what they had learned, based on the students input, ideas and questions! Even suggesting possible ideas!!

With OpenAI’s GPT-3 it’s possible. for the first time, to enable personalized and scalable hands on learning experiences 🤯🤯. We are just starting to understand the capabilities and limitations of Alpred but it’s already clear this is a game changer.

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