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Prompts AI

Advanced playground for GPT-3 

  • 8

Love Letters written by GPT-3

GPT-3 generated on demand love letters in BASIC, by Statue of Liberty or even… 

  • 4

Email Generator

Writes full emails from just a simple summary 

  • 8

TV commercial generator

Generate branding tv ads from Nike examples 

  • 4

Personalized email snippets

Gives suggestions for audience to reach out to based on intent + email snippet! 

  • 9

Ad copywriting

Get recommendations on Ad copy based on your past google ads. Check out the… 

  • 10

Creative story writing

ShortlyRead app integrates GPT-3 for creative writing assistance. Check out the… 

  • 9

AI teaching assistant – Alpred

Meet Alpred 👨‍🏫, Alpe’s AI based teacher assistant. Alpred just… 

  • 3

AI Dungeon

Game, powered by GPT-3, where you can choose your own adventure to see a story… 

  • 21 Chat Assist recommends chat responses for inbound customer inquiries. 

  • 0

GPT-3 Visual Poetry

A combo of RunwayML Style GAN and GPT3 to create visual poetry 

  • 7

Machine Vision Charades

Leveraging machine vision models to interact with GPT3 and play charades! 

  • 3

This Episode Does Not Exist!

GPT-3-generated titles and summaries for nonexistent episodes of several… 

  • 1

Flipbook Animator

Text to Frame by Frame Animation 

  • 6

Clever Girl

Clever Girl is a chrome-extension that uses GPT3 to answer any of the… 

  • 5

Non Human Stories

Like Humans of NY, but made out of GAN images and GPT-3 produced text (spanish… 

  • 0

Wisdom By GPT3

Twitter bot that generates wisdom 

  • 3

Ingredient Parser

@lawderpaul takes a photo of nutrition label. GPT3 parses the ingredients, its… 

  • 35

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