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Ask me anything

@paraschopra created a demo of a search engine where for any query, see the… 

  • 23.3K
  • 75


Create webapps just by explaining them in plain English 

  • 17K
  • 70

Muse Creative Content Assistant

A creative writing and content workspace. Comes with 100+ tuned prompts that… 

  • 8.1K
  • 63

Learn from anyone

@mckaywrigley shows a usecase where you can learn about a topic from a known… 

  • 8K
  • 52

HTML generator

@bryandsouza90 demos a HTML generator that seems to work simply by taking in a… 

  • 4.6K
  • 52

Figma website generator

@jsngr wrote a figma plugin that takes text description to create a mockup 

  • 8.9K
  • 51

Ingredient Parser

@lawderpaul takes a photo of nutrition label. GPT3 parses the ingredients, its… 

  • 8.2K
  • 48

Resume generator

@doncubed created a resume generator! Give it a sentence on where you worked… 

  • 5K
  • 48

Google sheets autofill formula

Pattern match in google sheet to autopopulate information through few examples 

  • 9K
  • 48

Regex generator

Losslesshq has used GPT3 to power its text to regex generator. Pretty cool! 

  • 7.5K
  • 46

Meme generator

@wowitsmrinal shows a meme generator! 

  • 8.4K
  • 45

JSX layout generator

@sharifshameen shows a usecase of JSX generator from text. Pretty mind blowing! 

  • 37K
  • 43

Generative stories

Rosebud paired their AI generated models with a story that is generated by GPT3 

  • 7.3K
  • 42

Command line helper converts text instructions into command line 

  • 3.4K
  • 42

Code oracle

Replit demos a usecase where you can ask what a code does, and it will provide… 

  • 4.9K
  • 40


More philosophy completion by GPT3 

  • 7.4K
  • 40

Figma mockup generator

Mockup generator on Figma using Text! 

  • 3K
  • 39

Paraphrase It!

Paraphrase your what you write! 

  • 13K
  • 37

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