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inite – AI rooms

Inite is an AI-powered clubhouse with different rooms to teach, learn and play… 

  • 9K
  • 19


It is an Open Source Toolkit to turn Math Problems into Elegant Video… 

  • 7.2K
  • 5


The GPT-3 powered knowledge base that writes itself 

  • 4.2K
  • 1

GPT-3 to Latex Equations

@sh_reya built a demo to turn plain English into Latex equations! 

  • 6.2K
  • 4

tl;dr papers

Science Papers rewritten at a second grade level. 

  • 4.4K
  • 1

GPT-3 Books

Book recommendations powered by OpenAI 

  • 3.2K
  • 3


Summarize, Translate, and Compare Coverage of Internet Text 

  • 2.8K
  • 1

AI teaching assistant – Alpred

Meet Alpred 👨‍🏫, Alpe’s AI based teacher assistant. Alpred just… 

  • 9.6K
  • 13

Learn from anyone

@mckaywrigley shows a usecase where you can learn about a topic from a known… 

  • 11.8K
  • 52

Quiz generator

Learn Aweseom uses GPT-3 for automatic quiz generation on any topic and then… 

  • 12.5K
  • 35

Resume generator

@doncubed created a resume generator! Give it a sentence on where you worked… 

  • 7.1K
  • 48

Ask me anything

@paraschopra created a demo of a search engine where for any query, see the… 

  • 26.8K
  • 75

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A repository of all the top demos that use openAI's GPT-3 API.