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Email Generator

Writes full emails from just a simple summary 

  • 10

Personalized email snippets

Gives suggestions for audience to reach out to based on intent + email snippet! 

  • 11

Ad copywriting

Get recommendations on Ad copy based on your past google ads. Check out the… 

  • 11 Chat Assist recommends chat responses for inbound customer inquiries. 

  • 0

Chart Generator

@plotlygraphs demos a usecase where you can generate a graph using text 

  • 21

Paraphrase It!

Paraphrase your what you write! 

  • 11

Financial statement generator

@itsyashdani demos a usecase where GPT3 is able to create a financial statement… 

  • 23

Google sheets autofill formula

Pattern match in google sheet to autopopulate information through few examples 

  • 41

Investment memo completion

@zebulgar fed part of an investment memo and sees relatively consistent follow… 

  • 16

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